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Jinming Hu

Head (Executive)
Institute of International Rivers and Eco-security (IRES)
Yunnan University
Chenggong University City, Chenggong, Kunming 650500, China
Tel: 86-871-65033185 (O); Fax: 86-871-65034577 (O)
Email: jhuynu@163.com; hujm@ynu.edu.cn

Education Background

1998/09-2001/10: PhD. Physical Geography in studying on environment-cultural landscape evolution in southeast Inner Mongolia region, Peking University.

1995/09-1998/07: M.A., Physical Geography in studying wetland soil quality change after large-scale wetland reclamation, Changchun Institute of Geography (now Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology - NEIGAE), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).

1991/09-1995/07: B.A. Education in Geography, Anhui Normal University.

Professional Experience

11/2006-present: Professor, IRES, Yunnan University;

07/2004-10/2006: Senior Researcher, NEIGAE, CAS

2004/09-2009/09: UK Royal Society Postdoctoral Research Fellow (University College London, UK)

10/2001-07/2004: Junior Researcher, NEIGAE, CAS

Research Interests

Physical geographical studies relevant with some fields:

(1) Wetland hydro-ecology;

(2) Regional hydro-geography;

(3) Regional biodiversity conservation.


Some published articles (2009~)

1. Feiling Yang, Jinming Hu*, Ruidong Wu*. 2016. Combining endangered plants and animals as surrogate to identify the Priority Conservation Areas in Yunnan, China. Sci. Rep. 6, 30753;doi: 10.1038/srep30753 (2016)

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3. Zehao Shen*, Zhiming Zhang, Jinming Hu, Jie Han, Jida Yang, Lingxiao Ying. 2016.Protection and utilization of plant biodiversity resources in dry valleys of Southwest China.Biodiversity Science, 24 (4): 475–488. doi: 10.17520/biods.2016022

4. Narendra Raj Khanal, Jin-Ming Hu, Pradeep Mool. 2015. Glacial lake outburst flood risk in Poiqu/Bhote Koshi/Sun Koshi River Basin in Central Himalaya. Mountain Research and Development 35(4):351-364. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1659/MRD-JOURNAL-D-15-00009

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11. Yungang Li, Daming He*, Jinming Hu, Jie Cao. 2014. Variability of extreme precipitation over Yunnan Province, China 1960–2012. International Journal of Climatology,DOI:10.1002/joc.3977

12. Xiaodong WU*, Daming He, Guijun YANG, Linlin YE, Chunling ZHU, Haifeng JIA, and Jinming HU*. 2014. Seasonal variability of water quality and Metazooplankton community structure in Xiaowan Reservoir of the upper Mekong River. Journal of Limnology. DOI:10.4081/jlimnol.2014.801

13. Jie Cao, Riyu Lu, Jinming Hu, Hai Wang, 2013. Spring Indian Ocean–western Pacific SST contrast and East Asian summer rainfall anomaly. Advance of Atmospheric Sciences, 30 (6):1560-1568. DOI: 10.1007/s00376-013-2298-6

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Books & chapters

1. He Daming, Hu Jinming. 2014. Rivers in Southwest China (Chapter 21). In: Liu Chang-ming, Zhou Cheng-hu et al. (eds.). Hydro-geography of China. Beijing: the Scientific Press, 817-873.ISBN: 978-7-03-040215-8

2. Narendra Raj Khanal, Jin-Ming Hu, Jie Cao, Hridaya L. Koirala, Yun-Gang Li, Pashupati Nepal, Jie Li, Hai-Feng Jia, Ramesh Ananda Vaidya, Pradeep K. Mool. 2014. Vulnerability Assessment of Flash Floods in Poiqu/Bhotekoshi/Sunkoshi Watershed. In Ramesh Ananda Vaidya & Eklabya Sharma (eds.), Research Insights on Climate and Water in the Hindu Kush Himalayas. Kathmandu: ICIMOD, ISBN 978 92 9115 296 4 (printed) 978 92 9115 297 1.

3. He Da-ming, Liu Jiang, Hu Jin-ming. 2009. Trans-boundary Eco-security and Integrated Regulation System in the Longitude Range-Gorge Region (major contributor to chapter 4: Ecological changes and trans-boundary eco-security maintenance of international rivers).Beijing: the Scientific Press.

Awards and Recognition

Research Projects investigated or participated:

1. Study on priority conservation areas of Yunnan Nu River Basin (YNRB) based on national key protected species. 2015/07-2018/06 (2015FA011, Funding: Yunnan Province; My Role: Investigator)

2. Study on priority conservation areas at county level for Yunnan Biodiversity conservation based on national key protected species. 2015/1-2018/12 (41461018, Funding: National Scientific Foundation of China; My Role: Investigator)

3. The research program for ecological water demand of Heqing western Wetland, Yunnan province 2015/4-2016/3 (The Natural Conservancy Kunming Office, China Program; My Role:Investigator)

4. Vulnerability and Adaptation, 2012-2017 (Component 5 under ‘Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme’; Funding: ICIMOD; Supporting: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency - SIDA; My Role: Investigator of component 5)

5. Vulnerability Assessment of Meteorological Flash Floods in Poiqu/Bhotekoshi/Sunkoshi Watershed, 2012/March-2012/Feb (Funding: ICIMOD—South Asia Water Initiative (SAWI) Multi- Donor Trust Fund ADD-SGP; My Role: Investigator)

6. Spatiotemporal variation of plant communities and major soil biogenic elements of the typical degraded Napahai wetland, northwest Yunnan Plateau, 2010-2012 (40961003; Funding: National Scientific Foundation of China; My Role: Investigator)

7. Investigation of the influences of cascade hydropower development in the Lower Lancang River upon the regional environment, 2009-2013 (2008CA00602; Funding: Ministry of Science and Technology, China; My role: investigator)

8. Study on ecological restoration of river corridor in Napahai Ramsar Wetland, 2008-2011,(2008CA00602, Funding: Yunnan Province, China; My role: investigator)

9. Study on the hydro-ecological changes and driving mechanism of wetland system, 2006-2010 (2006CB403301, Funding: Ministry of Science and Technology, China; My role: investigator)

10. Study on the relationship between hydrological regime and vegetation pattern of typical marsh wetland in the Sanjiang Plain, china, 2004-2006 (40301001, Funding: National Scientific Foundation of China; My Role: Investigator)

11. Water resources and salinity management in agricultural areas of inland Northern China and Northern Australia (ACIAR Project LWR/1998/130), 2001-2005/09/30 (Funding: CSIRO,Australia & MOST, China; Investigated: Dr Ali Riasat; Organised: CSIRO Land and Water, Australia; Collaborating: Changchun Institute of Geography (CIG), CAS, China, and Ningxia Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, China; My role: Research scientist)

Academic Conference and Activities

Student Supervision
Ningyun Li (Class of 2015)
Cheng Qiu (Class of 2015)
Jilai Zhang (Class of 2014)
Xi Wang (Class of 2015)
Xiaoxiao Zuo (Class of 2016)
Fei Wang (Class of 2016)
Bu Si (Class of 2016)
Yingcai Shen (Class of 2016)
Jianguo Zhou (Class of 2017)
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