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Water Environment-Changes & Effects


raditionally, environmental engineers have focused on designing specific components of an engineered system, AIRC has extended her attention beyond the performance of individual components to the performance of whole systems and the interaction of different systems/disciplines with each other, for example, the impact of large dam construction on fisheries, water quality, sediments/resuspended sands, fate and transport of contaminants, from the microscopic level to the whole river basin scale. Current research activities of Water Environment-Changes & Effects in AIRC are categorized into five areas:

(1) Watershed & river water environment and the changes

(2) River water environment change & monitoring

(3) Water pollution (for example, reservoir eutrophication, heavy metal pollution from mining activities, etc.) and their influences.

(4) River sedimentation and transportation & hydro-geomorphological & hydro-ecological effects

(5)  Fate and transport of contaminants and the response of microorganisms to the contaminants

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