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River Aquatic Ecosystem & Conservation


apid population growth is causing changes in river resources and is severely affecting local economic growth. The overall objective of River Aquatic Ecosystem & Conservation is to advance our basic and applied knowledge of the biology, chemistry and ecology to make a contribution to the sustainable development of international rivers   against the backdrop of human actions. As unique ecosystems, rivers are home to an abundance of adapted fisheries and bacteria and provide vital ecosystem services. International rivers are very important for humans who locate at upper or low river basin as reservoirs of fresh water, for transport and leisure activities. Researchers of River Aquatic Ecosystem & Conservation in AIRC have focused on the environmental consequences of large dams in international rivers. Specific researches include:

(1) Fish geo-distribution and its environmental driving factors

(2) Impacts of dam development on fish biodiversity & fish conservation & microbes

(3) Water pollution and its eco-toxicological effects on fish and microbes

(4) Conservation of fishery resources and river habitats for fish

(5) Early life history of fishes and their adaptability

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