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Biodiversity Conservation & Ecosystem Management


 decline in biodiversity across Yunnan province has been noticed in the past decades, habitats have been destroyed or altered due to human activities, leaving behind fragmented patches of vegetation. Biodiversity of these habitats supports are under continuing threat. It is important to manage and rehabilitate these areas if further loss of biodiversity is to be avoided. AIRC aims to provide policy and management solutions for complex social, economic and environmental challenges in relation to international rivers, such as land-use change and the provision of ecosystem services in upper Mekong. There are a range of conservation and management programs underway in AIRC to conserve and resto-re ecosystems both on and off reserves, which involve:

(1) Systematic conservation planning for regional biodiversity conservation

(2) Modeling and evaluation of the spatial distribution of regional ecological services

(3) Geographic distribution and protection strategies of the rare and endangered plant species

(4) Invasive alien plant species and their distribution, spread mechanisms, the major driving forces and the control of dominant alien species

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