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Water Resources Management & International Water Policy


he management of the water, especially the international water environment for sustainable human benefit requires the development environmental policies promoting ecosystem health and human safety. Water resources are considered to be affected by global climate change and population growth, research on water resources management & internation-al water policy in AIRC investigate all aspects of the complex interactions between water resources variability and change, ecosystem processes and increased demand from human activities. Water resource management will be improved by encouraging the effective implement of inte-rnational agreements and supporting cost-effective regio-nal programmes and policies. Research areas include:

(1) Transboundary water resources system-the change & driving forces

(2) Water resources utilization and protection of China international rivers

(3) Transboundary water resources allocation modes & riparian collaboration mechanisms

(4) International water laws development & influences

(5) Transboundary water resources & water environmental diplomacy

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